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Bored as fuck with nothing better to do than watch retards walk around. Figures I might as well look at retarded Tumblr posts while I’m at it.

Tokillthedragon said: I’m excited and I’m joining the Army. You can’t take rolled sleeves away from Marines.You just can’t


I’m a member of a wives page on Facebook, and some of the posts of exultation are hilarious. Us women folk like it probably more than the Marines themselves. My husband came home and it was one of the first things he told me.  


So the concert was pretty awesome.


It’s definitely the most dangerous concert I’ve been to. There was a barricade up to separate the general admission from the VIP ticket holders, and not even halfway into the first song the entire thing had been ripped apart and crowd surfed the fuck out of there.
The stage was set up in a…


The only video I took small enough to post here. I’ll try and upload the others to youtube or something and get them here, too. For those of you interested, Five Finger Death Punch on Kadena Air Base, Feb. 16, 2014.

Sorry for the shaky camera, I was being moved and bumped a LOT. 

EDIT: Also, NO idea why it’s sideways. It’s not on my phone, or on the computer, just when posting here for some ridiculous reason. So, sorry for that, too.

Husband: There's a new expansion this year.

Me: For what?

Husband: WoW.

Me: *Thinks "Good for it."* Oh.

Husband: Everyone gets a free level 90.

Me: *Thinks "Pointless."* What's the point then?

Husband: The level cap is 100 now.

Me: *Thinks "I still don't want to play again."* Oh.